Greater Noida Ecotech 3

Proudly serving MEPL group from last 6 years and got the opportunity to plan and design their office to look galvanic and boost morale. In light of staggering changes in the world of work, there is every reason to consider office design. The shape and design of a space can be an extremely potent catalyst for bringing about positive changes in a work organization.

This office space has been designed for elevated space in their factory on MS structure so it was challenging to design and implicate material to give this office a concrete look.

We created the perfect opportunity to utilise the wall space in common spaces to tie the company and its employees together. We transformed blank wall space into display of history of the company creating a visual timeline and an intriguing hallway design. The customised murals in the conference room create a unique and unified visual environment and the catalyst of motivation.

We incorporated natural materials in the director’s cabin to mimic the feel of an outdoor setting. Colourful conference and meeting rooms are designed stimulate team work and generate positive energy.

For an office space it is vital to design an amazing space that puts the employees and guests at ease and gets them excited to come back each day. This result is what the client desired and this is what they got. The client really appreciated the efforts and results delivered by our team.


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