Bank Enclave

New Delhi

Analysing a space to visualize and achieve the full potential of not only what’s in front of us but what it could be is where we shine. We cleverly converted this 3 BHK floor into a 4 bedroom apartment in a way that nobody can tell.

In the master bedroom, we gave a new style of sitting area with a very uncommon colour combination of grey and gold to make it classy. Along with plenty of storage in the room, we added hidden sliding tray to iron clothes and an area to put the iron beneath the tray.

The main ask of our client was a casual common sitting area for the family to gather in regularly and chit-chat without any formality. We chose soft grey tones for the furniture and wall pattern to create a relaxed ambience in this area.

As the kids are growing, the client wanted a separate room for their son with complete storage solution. We gave big wardrobes in a funky and stylish way to give the room lively ambience.

We also proposed an additional bathroom in the shaft area as we visualised the space with good lighting and ventilation with full height windows to give it the full view of the garden outside.

The client revered how we created maximum utility out of their floor by providing worthwhile solutions and heightening each room with its unique ambience.


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