East Delhi

Designing a home is a labour of love, where creativity and functionality converge to shape a space that is not only visually stunning but also a joy to inhabit. We provide our clients with expert advice, practical tips, and creative insights to empower them to make right decisions at every stage of the design process.

For this project the client wanted light and lovely interiors with minimum furniture with storage solution in the available space. To achieve this, we incorporated various elements like intelligently converting the shaft area into a walk-in-closet to maximise space to store their seasonal clothes and beddings.

When it comes to designing an adolescent’s room, it is imperative to keep their frequently changing taste in mind and planning a stylish yet economical room. We chose a subtle colour palette and brightened up the room with jazzy paintings and pendant lights loved by their daughter.

The drawing room is curated with a stylish modern feel with an interesting colour palette of saffron and black paired with customised handmade paintings to bring out the personal touch. For the master bedroom, we created pillow style headboard for the bed to give cosier and softer feel to the room.

The client not only valued the results but also the inputs and efficiency we offered along the whole process of bringing their dream into reality.


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