Prateek Edifice


Designing a home is very personal and meaningful and to trust someone to design your abode is not easy which makes gaining the confidence of a family to design all their homes for past several years is a privilege for us. Designing this spacious 5BHK (3000 sq. ft.) plush property located at Sector 107, Noida was a great experience. We carefully curated different colour schemes to create a unique essence fitting for each room.

The European style study is created with great attention to detail. Real Burma teak on ceilings and pure Australian leathers as upholstery gave the room character and created a lush ambience. The faux fireplace is the ornate element that makes this room so impactful and binds the whole look.

To give the bathroom a grand and luxurious look, we chose Arabic theme for its luxuriant quintessence. We merged the washroom space with the walk in closet to make it spacious while giving it a majestic feel.

We converted one of the bedrooms into Babaji’s room to invite divinity and positive energy into the home. Using white and gold for this room symbolises peace and connection with god in a calm and soothing environment.

Exceptional colour theme of soft blue is used in the kitchen with beautiful quartz in white to give it a clean and elegant look. These days fabric sandwich glass solutions make the sliding doors more appealing paired with beautiful metal frame creating a barrier between an air-conditioned room and hot kitchen air with a soft close door.

With our expertise and experience client was able to realise their dream of a lavish home that accommodated all their needs. The client adored the final results and how our vision met reality.


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