New Delhi

The most sought out property in East Delhi known for its posh location and brilliant execution posed both a great challenge and opportunity for us to showcase our craft.

The client’s expectations from us were through the roof to elevate such a beautifully planned, stunning property where each room had its own essence of serenity.

We chose neutral colour palettes for common areas like drawing room and lobby to give them spacious, clean and timeless look while choosing bolder and specific themes for the bedrooms tailored to its inhabitants.

The whole floor is accessorised with handmade paintings, selected pieces of pendant lights and customised furniture to optimise the utilisation of space.

Dark color tones has been given in the Bachelor’s room to create effervescent energy and added a pop of saffron colour in the master bedroom to break the monotony with a charming yet utilitarian dresser area.

To balance the overall colour palette, creamy white and black tinted glass in the kitchen gives it a spacious and clean look. The contrast of black and white creates an interesting concept to elevate the kitchen with simplicity.

Seamless communication and timely completion of the project while incorporating the vision of the client in creation of their dream home is what impressed our client the most.


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