Sector 75 Noida

Be it a humongous expanse or a small area, we specialize in optimising plots to create most out of it and design the space of your dreams. We brought our expertise to augment and create this aesthetically pleasing salon in a small 270 square feet area. It was vital to capitalise on the location of the salon inside the mall and create most space with the lush ambience desired by the client.

We offered various lucrative options for this budding salon to generate more business and attract walk-in customers with the leeway of renovations (if needed) in the future.

We fulfilled the need to create multiple areas for nail art, cabin for beauty services and private bridal makeup space by converting the double height into two floors in a compact area while equipping them with appropriate lighting and ventilation.

To accentuate the salon with a design element, we suggested snappy hashtags and quotes in signage at significant spots which added a catchy and distinctive feature. Mouldings and sconces created a European feel and subtle but rich leather chairs harmonise the overall look.

The client was very impressed with the whole process and the ease with which the execution was done. We delivered what the client envisioned: Luxury.


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